Reviews for Cardiff MRCS OSCE course: Surgical Anatomy and Surgical Pathology
The reviews displayed here are in answer to the question 'Kindly tell us your overall impression about the teaching, faculty and organisation of this course. Please state if this course helped to focus your revision for the exam'.
Ms Liza Osagie
University College Hospital, London

Thankfully I passed my exam. The course was a gargantuan help and was perfectly pitched for a few months before sitting.Once again, many thanks for your help.
Mr Osama Aweid
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury

Thank you very much. I have passed my exam and I found the anatomy teaching very relevant and useful.
Mr Oliver Harrison
Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

Indeed I passed! I would be most grateful if you could forward me any information regarding becoming a member of the faculty on the anatomy teaching course as I would be keen to pass on my knowledge in the way I was taught.
Ms Zita Jessop
Hillingdon Hospital, Uxbridge

I attended your MRCS Part B anatomy and clinical skills revision courses. I found the anatomy course particularly useful - the demonstrators were fantastic teachers and the use of prosections really helped to refresh the anatomy. I truly believe that the course helped me to pass the exam. I would also be interested in getting involved with your surgical teaching events in the future.
Mr Robert Evans
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham

I passed the MRCS on my first attempt. I found the course very useful, particularly the anatomy days in showing me the standard required to pass the exam and providing a list of common exam topics. The mock vivas were a very good exercise for increasing confidence and gaining a feel of what the exam would be like. Thanks very much.
Ms Annemarie Brunswicker
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich

Just a quick note to let you know that I have passed the MRCS B and that your course has been extremely useful. Especially the anatomy part was excellent - it could not have been any better.
Ms Arany Soosainathan
Ealing Hospital, Southall

I'm happy to say I passed the MRCS Part B exam in May 2012. I have recommended the Doctors Academy Anatomy course to many of my friends who are considering sitting the exam, as I found the standard of teaching excellent, and I found the mock viva very helpful in practising how the examination would be run.I would be very interested in teaching in future MRCS courses.
Mr. Matthew Jefferies, MRCS
Morriston Hospital, Swansea

I was successful in passing my MRCS Part B and I thought your Anatomy Course was excellent. I have recommended it to all my colleagues who are due to sit the exam in future. I thought the course covered everything in more than enough detail. I have no suggestions other than to emphasise that all my anatomy stations started with simple questions then linked to clinical scenarios. Many thanks.
Mr. Vedantashankar Sarma, MRCS
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead

Thank goodness, I passed! I actually did quite well in the exam, and I think your course was superb! I have already recommended it to several of my friends. I was extremely concerned beforehand that it was going to demoralise me OSCE! Thanks for a great course!
Ms. Johanna Wall, MRCS
Royal Glamorgan Hospital, United Kingdom

I am glad to report that I passed the part B. I thought that the course was well organised and I have recommended it to friends. The mock OSCE on the final day was really helpful and the mark sheet helped me to focus my study in the last couple of weeks. Although very intense, the critical care course was pitched at the right level and I achieved around 95% in this element of the exam.
Mr. Madhusudhan Nannaparaju, MRCS


I can tell you with great pleasure that I have passed the exam. This was my first attempt and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who organised and taught on the anatomy course as it was extremely useful for the exam.
Dr. Manjunathan Sivaprakasam
Basic Surgical Trainee, William Harvey Hospital,Kent

Excellent course for anatomy and applied surgical operative surgery. Faculty were brilliant with wide spectrum of experience in different specialities. It really set the pace for MRCS preparation. Very helpful.
Mr. Andrew Hall, MRCS
St George's Hospital, London

I was fortunate enough to pass, many thanks! The course was very well constructed and entirely appropriate for the anatomy part of the exam.
Dr. Rahala Noor
SHO – Burns and Plastic Surgery, Booth Hall Children’s Hospital, Manchester

Absolutely brilliant! Well-organised, well taught, well looked after ... Very relevant for the exam and provided a real structure for me to start revising. Probably one of the best courses I have ever attended.Thank you for organising it.
Dr. Lucy Satherley
Basic Surgical Trainee, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Excellent. Highly professional. Excellent pre-course instructions and directions. All faculty keen to teach and friendly. The contents and syllabus covered during the course was very appropriate.
Ms. Aurelie Hay-David
The London Clinic, United Kingdom

I am absolutely delighted to say that I passed the exam. As you know I attended the whole course in April then again as a refresher in September precisely because the anatomy teaching / mock OSCE was excellent. I would love to help as a faculty when I get a Registrar job. Thank you once again.
Mr. Nektarios Mazarakis
Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham

I have passed the exam! Thank you very much. The Cardiff MRCS course is easily the best I have done (compared to Insider, PasTest etc). The anatomy course was simply excellent! Overall, I am very pleased I attended the course and I truly think that it was the only course that actually helped me. The one day intensive anatomy revision day was an excellent idea and I would strongly encourage keeping it as part of the main stream course. That was also invaluable! I would certainly be interested in getting involved in future teaching sessions. I have highly recommended the course to all my colleagues sitting the exam! Best wishes and again many thanks for the help I received.
Dr. Sian Jones
Morriston Hospital, Swansea

I am very glad that passed the exam! I found the course very useful, great opportunity to view prosections prior to the exam. I also did the critical care course, which was also an excellent revision tool. I would also be interested in helping out with any future courses if opportunities arise. I am particularly keen to teach anatomy.Thank you once again!
Mr. Adam Bennett
Royal Glamorgan Hospital, United Kingdom

I am pleased to say that I passed. I found the course very useful indeed and would highly recommend it to fellow trainees. The anatomy course although very intensive was not at all boring and was very succinct. I would love to help on the course if any opportunities arose. Many thanks for an excellent course.
Mr. Richard Harding
Prince Charles Hospital, Wales

I am happy to say I passed my MRCS examination with the Edinburgh College held in Sheffield on 13/10/11. The content of critical care course was relevant and lecture notes were very useful. I enjoyed the anatomy course days and felt they were good practice with cadaveric experience. I would definitely be interested in teaching on the course.
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