Reviews for Cardiff MRCS OSCE course: Applied Surgical Sciences and Critical Care
The reviews displayed here are in answer to the question 'Kindly tell us your overall impression about the teaching, faculty and organisation of this course. Please state if this course helped to focus your revision for the exam'.
Mr. Vedantashankar Sarma, MRCS
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead

Thank goodness, I passed! I actually did quite well in the exam, and I think your course was superb! I have already recommended it to several of my friends. I was extremely concerned beforehand that it was going to demoralise me by pointing out how littele knew, but in fact it really built up my confidence, particularly after the mock OSCE! Thanks for a great course!
Matthew Je¬eries
Morriston Hospital

Thanks for your email. I was successful in passing my MRSC Part B and I thought your Anatomy Coursewas excellent. I have recommended it to all my colleagues who are due to sit the exam in future. I thought the course covered everything in more than enough detail. I have no suggestions other than to emphasise that all my anatomy stations started with simple questions then linked to clinical scenarios.Many thanks.
Ms. Johanna Wall, MRCS
Royal Glamorgan Hospital

I am glad to report that I passed the part B. I thought that the course was well organised and I have recommended it to friends. The mock OSCE on the final days was really helpful and the mark sheet helped me to focus my study in the last couple of weeks. Although very intensive, the critical care course was pitched at the right level and I achieved around 95% in this element of the exam.
Mr Madhusudhan Nannaparaju, MRCS
Rochdale Royal Infirmary

I can tell you with great pleasure that I have passed the exam. This was my first attempt and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who organised and taught on the anatomy course as it was extremely useful for the exam.
Mr Andrew Hall, MRCS
St George's Hospital, London

I was fortunate enough to pass, many thanks! The course was very well constructed and entirely appropriate for the anatomy part of the exam (although much was viva in nature 2 stations were more like a verbal spot test!).
Ms Helen Richards, MRCS
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Yes, I am happy to say that I passed the part B first time. I found the course extremely helpful in focusing my revision and it helped to give an idea of what we would face in the exam.
Dr Karim Iqbal
Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

Wonderful organisation High standard of faculty. Relevant for exam preparation. Content of the coursewas excellent.
Dr Jason Hol-Ming
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Prev attendance to Part A course Felt teaching was very non engaging. Too much detail on research andpersonal practise. Want concise points of things to know. Things you can be failed on for not knowing.Not all lectures need same time- felt dragged out in a lot of lectures and could see all candidates notengaging. I really highly recommended part a course to all my juniors and colleagues. It was moreengaging in terms of things to learn and pointers for revision and it was much more intense, so I don'tthink lack of focus was a problem. I hope it gets chopped and changed a little for future candidates.
Dr Miane Ng
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Very well organised. The use of different teaching materials and methods were captivating and it was acomfortable learning environment with a suitable pace for learning.
Dr Matt Howard
Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol

Well organised, High standard of faculty. Relevant for exam preparation. Content of the course wasexcellent.
Dr Bithi Hossain
Maternity and Children Hospital,Buraidah,Al Gassim,KSA

The course is excellent. Thanks for the organizers.
Dr Emily Britton
Leicester General Hospital, Leicester

Most of the lecturers were very good, but unfortunately the lack of focus and timekeeping on the part ofthe ITU lecturer meant later lecturers had to rush through their material in an unsatisfactory manner. Thiswas unfair on the lecturers and on us, who did not get the full benefit of the later afternoon lectures. Thebest lecturer was the first of the day whose talk was very relevant, engaging and pretty much to time.
Dr Melinda Hau
Kettering General Hospital, Kettering

Excellent tutors and level of teaching. Very relevant and useful.
Dr Rong Khaw
Royal Preston Hospital, Preston

Very organised and experienced faculty which provided an intensive programme that helped consolidatemy knowledge in applied basic surgical sciences and critical care.
Dr Thomas Ellul
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Very well structured and delivered. Excellent course and faculty. Good quality presentations. Relevant forexam preparation.
Dr Josephine Brown
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK

The course was excellent and provided good value for money. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
Dr Nicholas Bullock
University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Good structure and pace. Not too much overload despite covering a wide range of topics.
Dr Ramiz Ziyara
Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley

Good organization. The contents of the course were good and relevant. The presentations were clear.Would be recommending it to others preparing for the exam.
Dr Christine Blane
Royal United Hospital, Bath

A long day but very useful and made much easier by engaging faculty.
Dr William Coomer
Wexham Park Hospital, Slough

Very relevant teaching close to the exam. Very difficult to get all topics into one day but it was appropriatefor this stage.
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