Reviews for Practice course for Clinical and Viva Examination in FRCS (Gen Surg)
The reviews displayed here are in answer to the question 'Kindly tell us your overall impression about the teaching, faculty and organisation of this course. Please state if this course helped to focus your revision for the exam'.
Rajesh Aggarwal MBBS MA PhD FRCS(Gen Surg)
Imperial College London

I have passed my FRCS exit exam. Thank you! The course provided an ideal mock exam for the real FRCS. I did not need lectures, but real exam practice which the course provided, including honest and appropriate feedback. The course certainly helped me to gain confidence for the exam.
Ms Catherine Walter
Royal Gloucester Hospital

Yes I passed the exam! I thought your course was brilliant preparation for the exam and provided a really accurate mock. Thank you very much.
Mr James Horwood
University College London

Yep - I passed the exam. The course was excellent and very close to the 'real' exam. I have recommended to other people doing the exam in the next 12 months.
Mr Kamran A Qurashi
Ealing Hospital NHS Trust, London

I am very happy to tell you that I have been successful in the FRCS September Examination. It was my first attempt; thank God my final exam in life as well! I have no hesitation in stating that your course was extremely helpful and was a mirror image of real exam. Your course is a true experience of what to expect and helped me prepare myself accordingly. I did not do very well at the course and was given a very honest feedback by the faculty. I learnt what I needed to do and what areas I need to improve.
Sabih Hashmi
King Edward Medical University

This mock FRCS Exit exam course is simulated full dress rehearsal on the section 2 of the actual exam, accepting it is conducted on a single day. The patients and topics are chosen from a variety of clinical scenarios that accurately reflect the curriculum. Academic viva and all the rest of the vivas are superbly organised and carefully timed. Feedback on performance including correct body language and useful tips and tricks for clinical and vivas immensely enhance candidate’s prospects to pass the real exam. One of the exceptional features of this course is that all the “examiners” are very experienced consultants including some from the Intercollegiate FRCS examiner’s panel. I would definitely recommend as excellent value for money and outstanding training for the exam.
Michael Clarke FRCS(Gen.Surg)
SpR Upper GI Surgery

The MOCK exam was very helpful. A mock exam three weeks prior to the actual exam provided me with an excellent opportunity to re?ect on my knowledge and exam technique, and plan exactly the same way I would want to present in the ‘rea’l examination.Your mock day was very much like the exam and I will highly recommend it.
Mr Sashi Yeluri
Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

I passed the exam in my first attempt and having done just the mock exam as a course to help my exam prep found the course invaluable.The course is fantastic. It is modelled exactly like the exam and mentally prepares you for the exam day- invaluable for those giving the exam the first time. Faculty was excellent.Overall excellent course. Good value for money. Well conducted. I have already started recommending it to my colleagues. Thanks.
Mr Sashi Yeluri
Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

Good course. Excellent faculty and stimulating course.
Mr Ismail Mallick
Scarborough General Hospital, Scarborough

Useful for exam preparation.
Mr Jasim Almusawi
Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow

Very good course.
Trif Papettas

I'm glad to say I was successful with my frcs exam
Jasim Almusawi
Northwick park hospital

Well organized and was helpful
Mr David Messenger
Yeovil District Hospital, Yeovil

I passed the exam, although I don't know the marks for the individual sections as yet. I found the mock exam course to be very useful, particularly with regards to the style of questioning.
Mr Vikas Kumar
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow

Relevant to exam. With more time (i.e., extra day), could have seen some more cases.
Mr Sharat Chopra
Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend

Very informative course.
Mr Francesco Di Fabio
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke

Very well organized. Good feedback.
Mr Sudhakar Eleti
Southend Hospital, Westcliff-on-Sea

Excellent course.
Mr Trif Papettas
Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Worcester

Excellent course. Maybe giving a mark in each station might useful.
Mr Sushil Rekhraj
Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham

Dr. Nilgiri Kerketta
General Hospital, Port Of Spain, Trinidad And Tobago

Thank you for your mail. I am very pleased to inform that I have passed. The mock exam was helpful. The best thing about it was its similarity to the real exam. Good variety of cases. I am sure it is hard work. The environment that you had created in Glamorgan hospital very well mimicked the environment that I faced in the real exam. My appreciation for everyone who has been behind it. 2 courses like this in a year will be helpful because I know there are many out there who are desperate for viva practice but please do not increase the fees (as was contemplated on the day of the course) because that is one of the strengths for this course.
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