Reviews keyboard_arrow_right National Medical Students (UK) Academic Winter Conference

The reviews displayed here are in answer to the question 'Kindly tell us your overall impression about the teaching, faculty and organisation of this course. Please state if this course helped to focus your revision for the exam'.

I thought the days were very well organized, the staff were really friendly and the information was really useful to my studies.

Miss. Rhyanne EL-Nazer
Keele University

I find the overall experience to be very good, helpful, and interesting. The presentations 'a day in the life of...' really helped me get a clearer view of which career path I may want to pursue.

Miss. Nur Haslina Binti Ahmad Hanif
Cardi University

Very good!

Miss. Rachel Cichosz
Cardiff University

Excellent presentation and the student helpers were very friendly and helpful. The talks were good and relevant.

Miss. Charlotte Maden
Cardiff University

Very organised and structured event. Speakers were great. Gave me some more insight into individual specialties.

Mr.Colman Chiu
Cardiff University

A very useful day. Particularly insightful to be provided the career paths needed to enter the different specialties.

Miss. Emily Jelfs
Keele University

It was a good idea to talk about the process and stages of post-graduate education and career progression as I personally knew very little other than what i have picked up through placement.

Mr.Robbie McGregor
Cardiff University

Very good, inspiring! Helped with motivation levels.

Miss. Svetlana Kulikouskaya
Cardiff University

It was an excellent event overall and I really enjoyed it.

Miss.Roshini Joseph
Cardiff University

Very good. Interesting and informative event.

Miss. Mari Roberts
Cardiff University

It was a very good weekend to get ideas about what dierent routes you can take after graduating from medical school and what their requirements are. The presentations were concise, informative and the speakers were enthusiastic.

Miss. Danielle Lis
Cardiff University

Well organised and informative. Useful for awareness about future career pathways.

Miss. Nabilah aziz
Cardiff University

Presentations and organization of the event was overall good.

Miss. Dhania Haron
Cardiff University


Miss. Hager Mahmoud
Cardiff University

Was very impressed with the overall event and I'm glad I participated.

Mr. Kit Wing Lam
Cardiff University

Day 1 presentations were very good in terms of introduction to different specialties. The overall organization was excellent!

Miss. Aiman Nurtazina
Cardiff University

Good. Very friendly and helpful.

Mr. Matthew Staff
Swansea University

The conference was very useful, both as an introduction to different specialities and also for anatomy revision. The workshops on the second day were interesting and a nice addition to the day.

Miss. Kathryn Szymczak
Cardiff University

I thought it was a fantastic layout and very interesting and informative to students about the career pathways they may choose.

Miss. Victoria Bevan
Cardiff University

I found this conference extremely interesting and day 2 was very beneficial especially the poster presentations.

Miss. Joanne Wylie
Cardiff University

The event had definitely achieved its aim. Even though I'm still in second year, I had been exposed to various specialties in medicine that I had never think of before. Hence, it helped me a bit in thinking of the path I need to choose later on in the future. The teaching and presentation were all great as they were done by great speakers.

Miss. Norain Binti Muhammad Sum
Cardiff University

Very well organised, excellent teaching. The RTC talk was truly inspirational

Miss. Colette Cook
Cardiff University

Now I have a better idea of how to plan my future as a doctor.

Mr. Ka chun suen
Cardiff University

Very well put together event, extremely useful. The 'Day in the life of a Pediatrician' talk was one of the most useful talks I've been to and the anatomy challenge has actually inspired me to learn more anatomy! I hope there are similar events like this in the future.

Mr. Andrew Hyde
Swansea University

It was a good event to find out about different career paths and helped you get a real idea about life as a certain type of doctor which is hard to find out. The anatomy challenge was really exciting and I think the set up worked well.

Miss. Fleur Starcevic
University of Leeds

Great day!

Mr. David Evans
Cardiff University

Mostly excellent.

Miss. Sarah Rollason
Cardiff University

Very good event, well worth the money.

Miss.Naomi Spencer
Cardiff University

It was really good.

Miss. Nurulaida Mohd Darus
Cardiff University

It was really well organised and very interesting, it has highlighted to me some of the areas of medicine that I would consider and would not in the future.

Miss. Jess Archibald
Cardiff University

Very useful and interesting weekend. The speakers were very informative and approachable. I thought that the Anatomy Challenge questions could have been improved. For example "pick the odd one out" questions were far too vague.

Miss. Natalie Lewis
Cardiff University

Very useful and interesting weekend. The speakers were very informative and approachable.

Mr. Sam Danaher
Keele University

Very good and very helpful.

Mr. Dheemanth Reddy Vangimalla
University of East Anglia

On the whole I thought it was good (really enjoyed the 'day in the life of talks and workshops in a more informal setting).

Miss. Charlotte Peat
Cardiff University

I've really enjoyed the conference. The talks were really interesting. I learnt a lot and had wonderful time.

Miss. Maja Kopczynska
Cardiff University

This event was organised in a very professional manner, teaching provided was very informative, and the course was enjoyable.

Miss. Dina Fathoala
Cardiff University

Very useful and stimulating

Mr. Mustafa Abdimalik
Cardiff University

It was an excellent day and everything was very useful.

Miss. Haima Raman
Keele University

Very good, mostly relevant

Miss. Alice Dean
Cardiff University

It was a good conference.

Miss. Nikiesha Lee
University of Birmingham

It is very interesting for me as I want to get into medicine after my Biomedical course, but I was unsure as to what speciality. this has given me more of an idea as to what I want to do

Mr. Habbas
Cardiff University

Although it may have been aimed at years higher than my own, it has given me a very good head start on what I should try and do to gain a better training placement.

Miss. Rebecca Restorick
Cardiff University

It is quite a good opportunity to know about different specialties and the presentation overall is good.

Miss.Nurazah Abas
Cardiff University

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it provided me with some really interesting, useful and relevant knowledge. This will definitely help my studies and stand me in good stead for the future.

Miss. Alice Lethbridge
Cardiff University